Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Our 6th Grade iPad Fair Share

As a teacher, there are times when I just feel like no one notices what goes on in a classroom on a daily basis.  My students and I are continually having mini successes that keep us moving forward, wanting and trying new things and keep us coming back, eager to discover something new. So I witness the wonderful things happening, our tech coaches see all of it, and my students realize and strive for this greatness everyday too! But who else besides educators understand what's happening within our classroom doors?

Sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother that would make all my dreams come true and send me to a magical place where administrators, others in our school district, parents, students and my fellow coworkers could come and see what's going on in our classroom.

Well sometimes dreams do come true. And now I'd like you to meet Coach Cat... Our fairy godfather at Fairview Elementary. Recently, he has been encouraging us invite members of the community, our district leaders and parents of our 6th grader to come in and check out what all the excitement is about in our rooms! So we did and called our event the iPad Fair Share!

As you can see, we created a flyer which was distributed to all the people mentioned above to invited them to join us. There can be as little or as much planning to this as you want, it all just depends on the type of event you wish your visitors to get! Our 6th grade team really want to have our parents and community members get a first hand experience on how our iPads have changed our classroom so we did a bit more planning than actually needed.

Since experience was so important for our visitors to have when they joined us, here are some things we worked before hand. The students would reverse their roles and become the teachers; they were prepped to find visitors they knew (like their parents) and take them to the fives stations (math, science, social studies, reading and language arts). Each station was set up to have a very relaxed, coffee house type of setting.