Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A New Goal

Very disappointed in myself because I was really hoping that blogging would be something I really enjoy. Turns out... I'm not a huge fan! :( Anyone else out there like me? If so, what have you struggled with?

Even though I have been struggling to blog, I do believe that blogging, as a form of self-reflection, is important and that everyone needs an opportunity to get their thoughts out in the open. As I stated in an earlier blog, I really feel blogging would help me gain confidence in standing up for myself since I don't often speak my mind. But I have a new goal for myself. After having a conversation with my 6th graders about my epic failure as a blogger and I asked them for help!

Currently, they are writing blogs about once a week which doesn't seem like a lot but since their KidBlog time is opposite of band, it's about all we could squeeze in! I told them that I need to do a better job setting aside some time to blog just like them. We decided that since they are required to blog once a week, that I have to as well! Sounds pretty simple... blog when my students blog!

So, I'm raising my diet pepsi in the air and toasting myself... Here's to me and becoming a born again blogger!