Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dropping a Heine Blog today... because it's been awhile!

Alright, so clearly my strength right now is not blogging. Here's my attempt to redeem myself as a blogologist!

My newest goal is to focus on KidBlog with my students. Our 6th grade team at Fairview has recently done a lot of brainstorming on how to connect student's writing projects to KidBlog. Currently, students have being writing about their dream vacation. In an attempt to connect this writing with the iPads, once students are done writing their drafts, they will create a new post where they type out their final draft of their Dream Vacation.

What's great about KidBlog is that the site enables you to add multimedia. This is a really neat feature because viewers can see areas of writing that students are referring to by watching the iMovie trailer that they created to go along with their writing.

At this point, my students are just finishing up their rough draft. Next week, when students return from Winter Break, they will be finishing up their iMovie and typing up their posts. So when all is said and done, I'll drop another blog so you can have an opportunity to take a look at our newest, completed writing project!

Last thought... I feel as though I'm already getting into a rut with math. I was so excited when we first got our iPads to be able to open PDF worksheets and write on them with their stylist. I shared those documents with my students using Google Drive. From that point, students can use Notability to work through examples using the 3 column notes that I created to keep their work organized. Another way we have utilized the iPad to continue expanding students math knowledge is by getting on Khan Academy. This is a great website that pushes kids on their own math level. You can also monitor each students progress and select topics that you want a student to work on by recommending it to them! However, like I mentioned above, I feel like we are getting into a boring routine already. So my question to my readers is what are your ideas to help me change up a typical math class so my students and I don't feel like we are stuck in a mathematical rut?