Monday, January 13, 2014


Wow, who knew that when I goggled "What is a BLOGOLOGIST?" something would actually come up. So after allotting so much of my personal time and dedication towards my quest of defining and learning what a blogologist is, here's what I have found.... 

According to the writer of Blog Core Values of Blogspot, a blogologist is "someone who studies blogs, bloggers, blogging, and the blogosphere". Okay great, that actually makes sense, but I only understand three of those four words which leads me to my next question. BLOGOSPHERE? What?!?!?! 

I definitely think Urban Dictionary's thoughts about it were the best. So if you will, find a quiet place and close your eyes. Visualize thousands of maniacs wandering around the streets of New York City, muttering random thoughts quietly to themselves. I, of course, imagined very human-like zombies walking with crazy leg limps with their hands stretched out in front of them mumbling. However, in my mind there was one lunatic off in the distance running through the streets of NYC screaming his thoughts while loosing control of basic muscle control because of Tourette's. Poor guy.... 

Now, take all of those random mumbling ideas, write it all down, place it online and.... 
A BLOGOSPHERE...the place where all that is located at is called the blogosphere!


  1. Sara,
    Only you would actually be on the hunt for these crazy terms! I love that you do this, and I cannot wait to use them with my students! Do any fancy words exist for the response or reply to a blog?

    1. Interesting... I'm not sure! I haven't come across any yet! I'll let you know if I stumble along one!